Autoupgrade doesn’t Upgrade Timezone Version While RU Patching

Hi, during some tests, I realized that autoupgrade tool (the magic tool for upgrade and patching) doesn’t upgrade timezone version of database. here is the environment: Oracle Linux 8.6 ORACLE_HOME 1 :/u01/app/oracle/product/dbhome_1/dbhome_19_3 Database orcl created in 19.3 with default time zone version (V32) ORACLE_HOME 2 :/u01/app/oracle/product/dbhome_1/dbhome_19_16 Time zone version is upgraded to V39. this is […]

Unique Columns For V$Sql

Hi, Until yesterday I was saying SQL_ID and CHILD_NUMBER is enough to get a sql child cursor from V$SQL and today I know I was wrong. Probably many times you needed the sql statement that a session is running. To do that you query V$session and find the session information and then use SQL_ID column […]

Should Run datapatch After DBCA

Yesterday, I was testing some stuff in database and I needed to create new homes/new databases (new life new beginning). at a point I realized that something is not right about database. One thing to another I found the reason and it was interesting to me. I used DBCA to create database ( also I […]