Enable Unified Audit on Linux and Windows

Hi, As you know, since 12c Oracle introduce Unified Auditing which has much more capabilities than standard auditing. Creating policies, audit conditions, top level auditing etc. By default Oracle uses “mixed” mode which allows you to run unified auditing commands and standard auditing. you can check if you are using unified auditing by default:

Create a Clone DB from Backup on the Same Server (or remote)

Hi, I wanted to create a post series about cloning/duplicating database on the same or remote servers. There are so many options and combinations about this like rman duplicate database with/without  target/source db connection, rman restore using backups, ASM to OS or OS to ASM, same server or remote server, OMF or regular file naming

PLSQL and Flashback Data Archive Problems.

Hi, I have written about flashback data archive before. if you didn’t read please check these post first. http://mustafakalayci.me/2019/03/02/goodbye-log-triggers-welcome-flashback-data-archive/ http://mustafakalayci.me/2020/09/10/flashback-data-archive-problems/ I’ve already mentioned about some problems on my second post but these are not kind of problems which will stop your work. The problem I am about talk is that kind of problem. From my