Raid 5 and XOR

Hi, Today while talking with a friend he mentioned about using a RAID 5 on disks. Since I am not experienced with RAID structures, after the conversation, I started to read about RAID 5. of course I know what RAID is and basically how it works but don’t have information about all types. so while […]

Oracle Enterprise Manager Express 19c missing menus

Hello again, Today, I’ve read a thread in the community and OP was asking for missing menus like Configuration, Storage, Tablespaces, users etc. This is the default behavior now! Since flash become obsolete slowly, Oracle leaves old EM Express flash version and comes up with Java Jet and default is Java Jet anymore. This initial […]

PL/SQL package SYS.DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE version in TARGET database is not current after upgrade

Hi there, Yesterday I upgraded a 19.3 database to 19.6 on Windows 10 Pro and after upgrade Rman starts to give two warnings: PL/SQL package SYS.DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE version in TARGET database is not current PL/SQL package SYS.DBMS_RCVMAN version in TARGET database is not current this didn’t happen when I upgraded from 19.5 to 19.6. […]

Oracle 18c New feature Private Temporary Table

Hello, 18c introduced a new object called Private Temporary Table (I will call it PTT in this post). PTT is just another version of Global Temporary Table(GTT). The data is temporary and will be stored for a time. Data in temporary tables (both PTT and GTT) can be queried by the session which inserts the […]

Using “User” function in a scheduled Job

Hi there, I wanted to talk about a problem that I faced recently. Also I thought about the subject because this post is also related with “Session user vs Schema”.  Whenever I use the term of “Job” I will be talking about Dbms_Scheduler Jobs not Dbms_Job! When you created a job for a different user […]

Sequential ID column without gap!

Hello, A customer is asking to you generate order numbers one by one and without gap! What an unpleasant request isn’t it? if you are not familiar to databases then you might think that this request is logical but it is not. So your customer asked for this and you decided to develop your code […]

How to store Yes No questions on table and BITAND function

Hi everyone, you might see BITAND function is frequently used by Oracle on source codes. Did you wonder why? What does BITAND function do? as you can understand from the name, it does a bitwise AND operation on parameters. probably you know what a bitwise and but as a small explanation it is an AND […]

Commit Time – Part 2 (On Commit Trigger)

Hello again, Not long ago, I mentioned about how to get approximate commit time on a table: While I was reading some blogs and jumping from one to another, I came to Saibabu Devabhaktuni’n blog post: and I was literally shocked because I never heard something about this. So I did my tests […]