Should Run datapatch After DBCA

Yesterday, I was testing some stuff in database and I needed to create new homes/new databases (new life new beginning). at a point I realized that something is not right about database. One thing to another I found the reason and it was interesting to me.

I used DBCA to create database ( also I used General Purpose template which we shouldn’t use in a production environment. this was just a test and it was a virtual machine). starting from, I don’t know 12.2 I guess, dbca runs datapatch after database creation. datapatch will apply necessary sql patches into your database like RU (Revision Update) or one off patches. I waited dbca to complete its job and it completed without any error. if dbca says “it’s ok” then you don’t look more right? How many times did you check all log files that dbca produced? Anyway, during my actual tests, as I said before, I realized something is not right so I wanted to check if all patches are applied correctly. I checked CDB_REGISTRY_SQLPATCH view (this is a noncdb database by the way so I can use dba version of view too):

at first it seems OK to me but then I realized there were two “RU APPLY” rows with a small time difference. As you see all patch operations are done to container 0, They both applied to same container(which this is a noncdb database). Since it was around 02:40 AM, I went to bed and in the morning I run datapatch (by the way date of virtual machine is not correct). here is the output of datapatch:

pay attention on “Current state of release update SQL Patches:” section. it says for SQL registery: “Applied Release_Update 220703022223 with errors on 02-NOV-22 PM”. there is an error on update of this apply. I don’t know what that was and it also says 1 patch installed. Maybe I did something wrong during the installation. I rechecked registry:

here is a third row for 19.16 RU apply and from that point everything worked smoothly. So, there is no harm to run datapatch after creating a new database via dbca. You must run datapatch if you create your database with CREATE DATABASE command anyway. We must be careful out there, anything can happen 🙂 there is no harm run datapatch and see:

“Installation queue:
No interim patches need to be rolled back
No release update patches need to be installed
No interim patches need to be applied”

wish you all healthy, beautiful days.

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