Autoupgrade doesn’t Upgrade Timezone Version While RU Patching


during some tests, I realized that autoupgrade tool (the magic tool for upgrade and patching) doesn’t upgrade timezone version of database. here is the environment:

Oracle Linux 8.6

ORACLE_HOME 1 :/u01/app/oracle/product/dbhome_1/dbhome_19_3
Database orcl created in 19.3 with default time zone version (V32)

ORACLE_HOME 2 :/u01/app/oracle/product/dbhome_1/dbhome_19_16
Time zone version is upgraded to V39.

this is autoupgrade config file:

as you see, “upg1.timezone_upg” is et to yes so it must be upgraded when “orcl” database is moved to 19.16 home but when autoupgrade completes its job. output of V$TIMEZONE_FILE shows that db time zone version is still v32. interesting part, there is no error in log files actually, on prechecks ( run autoupgrade in analyze mode first of course) it is not mentioning about time zone upgrade. Autoupgrade does not plan to upgrade time zone file and it didn’t 🙂

So I started to dig a little bit. I created a new database via dbca (using custom database template of course) on 19.16 home and timezone file version was v39 as expected. So, no problem about home.

Secondly, I  thought there might be some bugs/problems on 19.3 (base release) home and patched it to 19.8 recreate orcl database and run autoupgrade again but timezone version was still v32.

Thirdly, I installed an 18c home, created “orcl” database and run autoupgrade to move it on 19.16. Viola, it worked, after autoupgrade new timezone file version was v39. in prechecks this time, autoupgarde says that time zone will be updated and it did.

What is different between starting from 18c and 19.3? 18c has v31 as default time zone file and 19c has v32. maybe autoupgrade checks default time zone files first compare them (maybe hardcoded) and decide to make a timezone file upgrade. I don’t know just a speculation.

Or maybe autoupgrade does not upgrade timezone file while patching and only in upgrades! I asked this to Mike Dietrich and he told me this should be working and create an SR. So, I created an SR and a bug has been reported. I hope it will be fixed quickly. Be careful if you patching out of place and always check you time zone files.

wish you healthy, happy days.

EDIT: It turned out my guess is correct. autoupgrade is checking default timezone versions but while upgrading, it checks latest version and upgrade it too. that is why it doesn’t upgrade while RU patching, since both homes are 19c and default is 32 for both.

and again many thanks to Mike Dietrich, for his close interest and fast response. AU team already discussed the situation and will be solved soon.

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