What is the Max Size of an Oracle Database?


sometimes I search for “what is the biggest” or “what is the highest” of things and I just realized that I never checked for the max size of an Oracle Database. so based on the limitations ( https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/19/refrn/physical-database-limits.html#GUID-939CB455-783E-458A-A2E8-81172B990FE9 ) and using default settings;

default tablespace type is “smallfile” which means a datafile can contain up to 4M blocks (2^22 = 4.194.304) so if your default block size is 8KB then max size of an datafile is

8KB x 4.194.304 = 32GB

max number of datafiles is 65533. So maximum size of an Oracle Database with smallfile tablepsaces is 65533 x 32GB = 2 PB.

if you are using BIGFILE tablespace (which can be set at the creation of database or can be altered after as default) then maximum number of blocks in a datafile is 4G (2^32 = 4.294.967.296) so if your block size is 8KB then max size of a datafile:

8KB * 4.294.967.296 = 32TB

and total size = 65533 x 32TB = 2 EB.

of course if you increase your block size to, let’s say, 32KB then max size for bigfile tablespace databases, it would be 8EB.

so just make your planning well. if you need to store more then 2PB you should be using either bigger block size or bigfile tablespaces.

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