Damaged rowid is referenced! Health Monitor


a quick note! today while checking health monitor results, I found this:

SQL dictionary health check: objauth$.grantor# fk 246 on object OBJAUTH$ failed
Damaged rowid is AAAAA9AABAAATI1AAa – description: Object MY_OWNER.SOME_VIEW is referenced

I replaced actual owner and view name with “MY_OWNER.SOME_VIEW”. Health check is telling me that a view is referencing to a “damaged” rowid. I have no idea what that is and I couldn’t find anything about it on google or oracle support. that view is selecting from one table only and on that table, this rowid doesn’t exist. So, I tried few things and dropping view and recreating it makes health check results disappear. probably something happened old days but I missed it or I wasn’t managing this database back then.

this is just a quick note. I just want people to be able to reach information. wish you good healthy days.

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